WBU-AP(Junior Group) Fine work
Opportunities that Can Come from Being Blind
Hong Kong Choi Lok Sze (18, Female)

You may be curious how blind people observe the stars. Well, I went to an astronomy camp a few years ago with this question in mind. However, when I laid my hands upon the models of the planets and galaxies, I could feel that I was experiencing the beauty of the universe. Suddenly, I realised that the way I touched the stars that night was actually the same way in which I caught the glory of my life. Indeed, opportunities are everywhere but they are colourless and soundless. You can only grab them with your experience, confidence and passion.
I was born as an energetic little girl with a certain amount of vision so that I could play with my friends under the sun. Indeed, I was too care-free at the time to think about my future. Then, at the age of eight, my eye condition turned worse and I began asking myself, "Where will I go?" However, I realised ultimately that it was not a question of choice but rather the need to take action. I believe that it was God who left the clue on the future of my tracks and it was up to me to retrieve them.
Thus, I learned to be positive and to be thankful. Indeed, I treasure the care that had been provided by my parents and the support given by my teachers and friends which I believe had helped me in overcoming the challenges in my life. I was really fortunate to have been able to recognise the opportunities that were there. Therefore, I was able to develop myself and to prove that I was a capable person.
Several years ago, I joined an adventure trip and I had to jump into the sea from a boat. I was horrified and I clenched my teeth as I jumped. This unforgettable experience helped me to understand the meaning of "ever strive to be strong", which, in fact, was the motto of my primary school.
Another incident I remember was participating in an interview. If I succeed, I would have the chance to visit a school for visually impaired students in Shanghai. I was very nervous but I gathered up my courage and managed to pass the interview, thereby gaining me a place in the trip.
Later, I received an invitation to perform a dance in front of an audience in our host school. It was a great experience for me and it enabled me to build up my self-confidence.
Like many children, I had always loved singing from a young age. Thus, I never hesitated at seizing any opportunity to perform. Little did I know then that I was, in fact, preparing myself for one of the greatest experiences in my life as a teenager.
It was just two years ago when I had the opportunity to perform in the musical, "The Awakening", organised by Love Plus Hope Creations. Although I did not have a big part to play, I felt that I was fortunate enough to have been given a role to play in the musical. I learned to dance by feeling the movements of the teacher. Then I told myself to remember the dance steps plus the lyrics so that I would not fall behind.
In this way, I was fully prepared and the sighted students were extremely surprised that I could recite the lyrics by heart. They felt quite embarrassed because they themselves could not remember any lyrics as they always learned at the last minute. Fortunately, however, it was during the challenging two-month rehearsal when our friendship grew and at the same time I had the opportunity to demonstrate my talent.
Subsequently, because of media coverage of the musical, many more opportunities were opened up for me to meet with people from different walks of life. Once I had dinner with the senior managers of the Hong Kong Disneyland. Not only did I share with them my singing talent but I was also able to express my opinion regarding disability employment. It was such a precious experience for me as I had never thought that my passion for singing would take me so far.
Then it was about a year ago when I decided to undergo vocal training in order to enhance my singing techniques. I made very good progress and I was granted a scholarship as a reward for my efforts. This gave me the opportunity to participate in another musical project during the year. Indeed, I believe that it is my perseverance and my passion that are helping to make my dream come true.
This year I am going to Germany for one week. During the trip, I will be singing with students from different countries. I will also have the opportunity to visit the attractions there and have a deeper insight into their history and culture.
Running, as a sport, is also bringing me lots of opportunities. In fact, I actually started running just to stay healthy but it has ultimately taken me to places that I had never planned to go. One day, I took part in a running race in Taiwan. After the race, I stayed on in Taiwan and I visited the tourist attractions such as the zoo and the night markets.
Truly, life to me is like an empty construction site and the opportunities serve as the building materials for the foundation. Without this foundation, there will be no walls. If the walls are not built, then there will be no house to be furnished with the lamps and the furniture. Thus, in spite of my blindness, I am sure that as I feel each layer of my lifelong house, I can smile with satisfaction because I can share it with others in need.
It is true that life will not turn great unless you make it so. I do not know exactly how my life would be in the future. Nevertheless, life has, in fact, turned out exactly as how I wanted it to be. Ultimately, therefore, one must decide what our hands will touch, grab and build for tomorrow!


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