EBU (Senior Group) Fine Work
Six are getting through the whole, wide world
Germany Gerhard Polzin (70, Male)

“Once upon a time”, thus fairytales use to start. Within them the heroes defy all dangers and fatalities. But there they make use of sorcery and other unearthly forces.
At the age of five/six I loved these stories above all else. They formed the strongest reason to enter school as soon as possible, in order to read my favorite fairytales all by myself. In the world-famous collection of German fairy tales by the brothers Grimm I was especially fascinated by the unique success of six comrades, who stuck together in joy and sorrow. The strongest man, the marksman, the windmaker, the fastest runner, the frostmaker, they all help the poor, resigned soldier in his trouble.
My dream of reading had hardly started to come true, when my world of fairytales, my promising whole world, seemed to be over once and for all again, for At the age of eight years I quite suddenly lost my sight.
Now good advice was needed. The six fairy tale heroes failed miserably in the real world.
In this serious situation I met six friends, who for my whole future life developed a magic power that no fairy tale ever has. Even though they were very small, pale and unimpressive. A fine sense was necessary to become aware of them and their power at all. Six tiny dots helped me to my secondary school diploma, university degree, teaching profession, doctors degree and a full, happy life. It was a sixteen year old blind Frenchman, who, hardly a decade after Grimm’s fairy tale collection was published 200 years ago, made an invention, that could henceforth lead blind people out of hopelessness. Louis Braille’s six-dot-system opened and opens up the way to education and success for them.
So the magic six became much more important for me than in a fairytale.
With the experiences of a full life I dedicated the attached poem on the occasion of the 200th birthday of Louis Braille to his unique “six-dot-gang”, with which blind people can get through the whole world. 
The Dot
Seen separately it’s round and small
with no enrichment, none at all
but in a text its power grows,
because it can a sentence close.
When our round one triplelises,
its meaning just mysteriarises.
One has to guess, to think and pore,
what those three dots are standing for.
I tell you frank and loud and clear:
All this is topped for now and here
by dots so pale and yet much better,
because they form the blind men’s letter.
A saddler’s son – the world should really know –
created them almost two centuries ago.
Today, be sure, in all the lands
the six-dot-system has its friends.


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