Photo:Satoe FujimoriBest Lyric Award (Japan)
Yellow Line
Satoe Fujimori (Student of Tottori Prefectural School for the Blind) (42, Tottori City)

By sudden pouring rain, I lose sight and come to a stand
With nowhere to take shelter from the rain, I just stand there
Where am I heading?
What is waiting ahead?
Nobody knows the destination

Sound of pouring rain, washes out my voice
Iím not noticed by anyone
Is somebody there?
In order to have my voice heard
I start walking step by step
Keeping on the yellow line extending straight

In time, the rain stopped and I felt the sunlight and breeze
Before I knew it, a gentle hand
Warmed my cold body
We are able to spend the same time
And laugh together
Itís okay to stray off the yellow line sometimes, right?

A continual dream-like time
And days of smiles are reaching its time limit
The gentle hands turned cold and disappeared away
Iím sorry I canít warm you up
One day weíll meet again somewhere
I believe that day will come as I step out to a journey on the yellow line

*Yellow line = the yellow Braille blocks


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