WBU-AP(Senior group) Fine Work
Teow Cheng Poo, Malaysia 57 female

My life was simple but beautiful. Each morning I awoke with eagerness to the splendid daylight wherein I enjoyed all sorts of outdoor activities in my amazing surroundings. There was a wide river with clear flowing water that wove through my peaceful town like glossy ribbons. I have taken part in many expeditions. I have galloped across green fields, leapt over large ditches, chased and caught dragonflies, fireflies, spiders and grasshoppers. Indeed, life was most wonderful for me growing up in this small town. Nature is truly beautiful!

Halfway through my elementary years, however, this magnificent environment which has given me so much joy, suddenly disappeared from me and was replaced by darkness. I had a high fever caused by meningitis which robbed me of my vision. My dear Mother was ill-prepared in caring for a disabled child, and who would expect such a misfortune to come along in a family? She did what she could and was most concerned for my safety. She insisted that I should stay where I was put as I could no longer see my way around.

Fortunately, I recovered. And being youthful and full of vigour, naturally I wanted to continue living an active life. As soon as I had recovered my health, I was up and about, went in and out of the house, ignoring my Mother's well-intended restrictions. I was too young to fully understand my inhibitions, so I ran, played and skipped along with other children, leapt over ditches and climbed trees when playing hide-and-seek.

My small-town carefree life came to an end when I was enrolled into Saint Nicholas' School for the Blind in Penang. Little could I imagine that this institution would give me a much brighter future than I would have had if I were sighted. Initially, I felt lost and miserable staying in a residential school so far away from home. The strict rules and regulations did not make life easier for me.

The blind children here were trained from a young age with Daily


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