WBU-AP(Junior Group) Fine work
Nguyen Dinh Hanh Nguyen, Vietnam 22 female

If anyone should ask me "what has Music brought you?" I would not hesitate to answer that Music is passion, confidence and the power that created a welcoming gateway for me to enter into the world of opportunities.

I was born with Congenital Cataract so that my vision was not as sharp as that of other babies. As compensation, however, my ears were very sensitive to sound, particularly to musical sounds. Due to my poor vision, I could not get involved very much in children's activities, such as running, jumping, playing hide-and-seek, and other games that they played. Naturally, this made me feel very miserable.
Then, one day, a class-mate brought a toy organ to the class-room and I was curious to touch it. Miraculously, the keys and the sound they made fascinated me thoroughly. My passion for Music was kindled and it motivated me to take up the first-grade course for organ at the Nguyen Dinh Chieu School, which was a special school for visually-impaired students. The teachers for the Music class were from the Hanoi Conservatory. After the stressful lessons of Literature and Mathematics, I found the music sessions to be very pleasurable and relaxing. In fact, it was Music which revitalised my interest in learning other subjects.

In addition to the charm of the lovely melodies, learning and singing the lyrics of songs have appealed to me from early childhood. With my sensitive ears and relatively good memory, I could easily memorise the lyrics to sing along with the songs that I was hearing. I was very fond of the children's songs sung by the kid singer named Xuan Mai, and like other kids, I sang along most heartily. This indirectly helped me to develop my language skills and made me a cheerful kid. Around the time when I was about three years old, the foreign songs of Chinese dramas and movies shown on the television caught my fancy. I quickly memorised those songs and sang along while the movies were showing. My parents and neighbours were amused and pleased by my rendition of those songs.

During the summer, the residents would get together to organise activities for the community, and I was always invited to put up a performance. Thanks to those activities, an opportunity came my way. It was at one of such performances when I met a teacher who offered to give me proper lessons on how to play the organ. And being able to play the organ well, I was recruited into the school band of Nguyen Dinh Chieu School and we gave many performances. Thus, I had many opportunities to meet people who were successful in life, and I learned a lot from their experiences and skills.

There was an enthusiastic singing teacher at the school by the name of Mr. Tran Van Hoan. He spotted my talent and began training me on the proper techniques of singing, like breathing, vibrating the voice, and putting appropriate emotions and feelings into the songs I sang. Consequently, my vocal presentations have improved greatly. As a result, I was always chosen to perform at commemorative and festive occasions, and often invited by other local blind associations to perform at their functions. My repertoire included Chinese songs which I have loved from childhood. I believe my singing has contributed in some ways to helping my peers to forget their problems in life temporarily.

I was admitted to the Hanoi University, and since I have very good basic Chinese, particularly from memorising the Chinese songs, I took up the Chinese language as one of the subjects. For the past three years I did well in my studies. besides my class activities, I often took part in the cultural programmes organised by the Chinese Department of the university. I never failed to take part in the singing contests where I won many prestigious prizes and accolades.

Taking part in these social and cultural activities, I became acquainted and interacted with people who had similar musical interests like me. It was through such connections that I was offered a part-time job at a Chinese apparel and garment trading company in Hanoi which gave me sufficient income to cover my student fees. Because of my singing talent, I was always invited to perform at important events of the company, such as the opening of a new facility or at their social functions.
Sometimes I was even asked to plan the programme. During these events I got the opportunity to be introduced to directors of large companies in Vietnam as well as from China, and some of them have invited me to work for them when I finish my studies.

Studying and working at the same time not only helped me to improve my command of the Chinese language, but it also provided me with the opportunity to gain working experience and management skills. Of course, it was not entirely easy, but I became more matured and disciplined to face the pressures of life.
After graduation, it is my plan to study Chinese Massage in China with the ultimate aim of teaching my blind country folks to improve in their skills so that they can have stable jobs.

I realise that I owe my initial success to Music. Indeed, Music will remain as the motivational force and source of encouragement and inspiration for me as I enter the future to make a success of my life.


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