ABU Otsuki Award
Educated persons, what makes them educated and what is their role in our society
Manoj Yadav India (29, male )

Education is basic necessity of any person as is the food, clothing and home. It is because of this reason that Indian constitution has recognized the right to elementary education as a fundamental right.
In today’s world education does not only mean acquiring booking knowledge and acquiring degrees but it really means translating the acquired knowledge into one’s action. In fact, process of learning is an ongoing and continuous process.

Meaning and definition of education
The word education in English has its origin in the Letin language word “Eduketam” which originates from the word “Eduko” which means emancipation and empowerment of oneself from within. In other words, the word education “in all languages implies the development of one’s inbuilt qualities and strength and its demonstration in action.
Many scholars have also defined education. Such as Swami Vivekanand defined this word as expression of inbuilt perfection of oneself. Similarly, according to Aristotle education is “the creation of a sound mind in a sound body”
Thus, a person may be considered to be educated if he develops his knowledge and skills in such a way which ultimately results into his positive contribution in community life. Acquiring knowledge and using it for the happiness and goodness of the society really makes a person educated. It is because of this reason that knowledge acquired through education is essential for any prosperous society.

Role of educated people in the society
A responsible educated person owes a duty to the society at large as the society invests into his education by providing necessary facilities and infrastructure. Some of the specific roles and responsibilities of educated people could be summed up as under:-

  1. An educated person owes a responsibility of creating a good and peaceful family or home. Aristotle maintained that family is the smallest unit and the first school of anyone’s life. Only educated persons can educate and inculcate morals, built character in his children. Similarly, an educated person can play an important role in promoting women’s education by treating both boys and girls in his family equally and offered them equal opportunity for education.
  2. An educated person can use his knowledge to educate and awaken the people at large about their rights and duties. They can also make other realized that in a democratic set up, while we have certain rights, there are certain duties also on our part which co-exists.
  3. An educated person can create love for our country by sharing and spreading our rich culture. Simultaneously, they can also encourage our younger generations to prepare themselves for discharging their responsibilities to build a national character by sharing our legacy which we inherited as a result of huge sacrifices made by our ancestors.
  4. An educated person can also play an important role in creating social, cultural and religious harmony so that love, trust and peace is ensured in community life. This would also ensure national unity and protect our national integrity and development
  5. He can also play an important role in educating people about the need and value of our natural resources such as rivers, air etc. In view of increased climate changes due to massive exploitation of natural resources, we are facing a severe threat to our earth. Therefore, this is a very important area where they should and must play a more proactive role.
  6. They can also take upon themselves the responsibility of fighting against social evils. This can be done by them by challenging different wrong customs such as child marriage, dowry system, untouchability, child labour etc.

For a civilized and cultured society its foundation of education is to be strong in the same way as is the requirement of a good stone for the construction of a good building. However, ironically, today the educated youth is misguided. This has resulted into increased crime rate against women and also increased violence, extortion etc. There is a rampant environment of exploitation fear and insecurity hence a responsible educated people will have to take a lead to prevent this erosion of social values. They have to play an important role in building a society across the globe which is free from a feeling of insecurity and fear.

Today there is a maddening armed race among the countries resulted into use of knowledge for creating chemical weapons, atom bombs etc. which can destroy the universe. We have also adopted a model of development which undermines the need for preserving natural resources. Hence educated people will also have to take a leave to provide an alternative model of development and also to promote policies which ensure peace and avoid wars. To conclude an educated person must act as a protector of peace, harmony and natural resources. He also should work as an ambassador in the society to inculcate moral values and prevent cultural erosion.


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