ABU(Junior Group) Fine Work
The Role of an Educated Person
Nimesh Yasintha Sri Lanka (16, male )

Educated persons are those who have a great knowledge about society and cultures.  These persons are also called learned persons and wise men. They are equipped with knowledge obtained from books and formal education.  Educated persons show to the world that they are educated not just by words but by actions.  Certain truly educated persons show that they are educated by imparting the knowledge that they have to others thus enriching other people in the world.  

We all know very well that there are also uneducated persons as well as educated persons in the society.  It is the duty and role of educated persons to help them gain knowledge and understanding about their societies ad cultures.  In this way we will be able to educate the whole world.

Parents send their children to school with the goal of sending them to the society as intelligent educated persons.  In today’s society educated persons like engineers, artists, etc. , come up, not only by the sheer knowledge obtained from books, but also enriched by experiences gained from the society. Our ancestors also were not sheer book educated people, but also gathered a great deal of knowledge from their life experiences.  Therefore we also should not limit ourselves to books and formal education.  World famous writers like Rabindranath Tagore, were not book educated people.  He hated going to school as a little boy.  But as an adult he wrote wonderful books which have a great deal to teach the world even today. 

As much as educated people are a good influence and an asset to the human society, uneducated people are a bad influence and harmful to the world.  Very often they are unable to accurately differentiate between good and bad and right and wrong.  They can be easily misled and convinced to even commit crimes.  There is too much of violence and crime in the world due to ignorance.  Much suffering is caused to many people in the world because of uneducated persons.

In the face of such situations what is the role of educated persons in our society?  Educated persons as we mentioned earlier, have a vast knowledge about the society and various fields gained from both books and day to day life experiences.  Most importantly, they know good and bad and right and wrong very clearly.  So it is their primary duty to educate the uneducated in the society to the best of their abilities.  Many of us believe in educating children.  Children get formal education in school, but they also learn a great deal from examples set by older people.  They also learn from the media.  But certainly there are also adults who need to be educated.  Iether they have not been educated or have been misled by wrong examples of other uneducated adults.  By educating the uneducated we can reduce violence and wrongdoings in the world.  Less violence means more peace and happiness in the society. Educated persons are capable of rendering this invaluable service to the human society.  This is their primary role in our society.


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