ABU(Junior Group) Fine Work
What makes them educated and what is their role in our society?
Azat Toktombaev Kyrgyz Republic (25, Male)

Who is an educated person? If you ask this question people will respond in d ifferent ways.
Some may say that an educated man is one who has studied a great deal, others may say it’s much more complicated.

First Choice - People who know a great deal.
But how, where and what knowledge and experience can be gained to be considered educated?

I believe that a true desire for education is, first of all, a thirst for knowledge, and not simply a cramming of facts and formulas, but a real attempt to truly understand and to comprehend something. It does not matter where or how you study: sitting behind a computer on the Internet or in a higher educational institution. The main thing is your desire to comprehend something new.

A truly educated person is not one who considers himself to be "educated", not one who graduated from an educational institution. It should be one who influences the world around them and has his own worldview. Influences and changes people around him and makes society better.

An educated person improves himself. Such a person is always creative, he thinks “outside the box” and has aesthetic tastes.

Usually and historically, the only way to get an education was to attend a university. Knowledge was possessed only by certain people who maybe come from a privileged class. Every parent felt compelled to send their children to university, to learn, study and gain knowledge based on the strictures of that particularly university, the program studied (limited by curriculum) and the scope of learning of the professors, and possibly their opinions.

Today, books, knowledge, articles are publicly available. If you do not go to a university, your education may become limited through no access to libraries, but through access to the Internet you can be educated.

In my country many people are chasing diplomas. They enroll in colleges, but often do not attend classes and lectures, and even go as far as to pay for passes and good grades.

The problem is that it is not the diploma that is valuable, but the knowledge that you
gained from learning and studying.

I believe that educated people have their own particular role in society. They are the “engines of progress”, so thanks go to those educated people who have studied our world, life and with a freedom of thought.

We now use many important devices. For example, the computer upon which I am now typing has evolved from the creation of one man who stretched knowledge forward.

The more educated the people are, the easier it is to develop a country economically and culturally.

I believe that any state should strive to ensure the formation of its own critical thinking society. Why? Because educated people are less are susceptible to propaganda and possess this critical thinking.

An educated and intelligent person will demonstrate his education and intelligence throughout his life; a person who can act and think differently. Well-read people can support conversations on many topics. These people are frequently active politically and participate in the political life of the country and become excellent leaders and executives.

Educated people, of course, need society, not just the modern world. Even Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy wrote:

"The people are at such a low degree of material and moral development that, obviously, it must counteract everything that is alien to it. In Europe there is a
rational economy, because the people are educated; therefore, we must form a basis of educated people, that's all."

An uneducated person lives in his small world. He does not read, he does not know anything about other people, other states, the world. He does not know very much. Most likely, it's hard for him to find a job. He will be tempted by criminality. He is not interested in the world around him.

The uneducated man can be influenced and persuaded by pure evil doctrines, and may wholeheartedly believe in them. Why? Because he does not have critical thinking. He does not have his own opinion. He does on challenge these ideologies. He is more susceptible to radical ideas.

In the world today, there is a huge problem - terrorism. Terrorism does not have a nation, sex, race or religion. Often banned terrorist organizations are recruiting socially vulnerable
people. These are often poor people who did not have access to education.

A person who knows the world has seen much, has had opportunities to learn and understand. He will be less susceptible to manipulation. Therefore, we need a population with greater literacy. The more knowledge people have, the less opportunity for misleading and manipulation. An educated person is more astute; he knows about the world and is open to the new rational ideas.

Xenophobia, homophobia, racism and many other such things are most often supported by poorly educated people. Because they are limited by their small circle of family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. They rarely go beyond this limited framework, where they receive their “knowledge” and opinions. They know little about others who differ in outlook, opinion and traditions.

Man is peculiarly afraid of the unknown. This is why, often, poorly educated people suffer from such vices as racism and Nazism.

In my country, I often learn about many officials or Law enforcement agencies who exceed their authority, and ordinary citizens do not know how to protect themselves from this abuse of power. Education again is the key to building a fair equitable society, with respect for law and order.

There are many good laws in my country, but many do not function properly or are not enforced. Till now in villages and small cities, there are women who are kidnapped to marry someone they do not even know. Many women do not know where to turn and become afraid of the shame and condemnation from others in the village or small city, once news of the kidnapping circulates. Still today our society remains biased towards the man, and those men who kidnap women for brides.

Education could change this situation, so people will know their rights and able to defend their rights.

When I entered my university, I ran into a significant problem. The university had never before enrolled a blind person. I had not yet trained in the use of a cane and could not navigate in and around the campus. I believe they did not want to take me and tried to dissuade me form coming. But nevertheless there was one good person who stood up for me and said that everyone has the right to receive a good education.

People with disabilities are often stigmatized in my country. No wheelchair ramps. Many disabled people are forced to stay at home. They cannot get an education, get acquainted with new people, make new friends, go for a walk and enjoy life. I believe that a good state must provide every citizen with access to quality education. Now I'm considering going back to university to study languages.

I believe that educated people will be able to change our society for the better, with a striving for knowledge and the desire to share it with others.

Make all people educated. It is these people who move our people and society forward.


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