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Letter to Louis Braille

Dear Louis,
My name is Oleg Suvorin. I live in the Urals, Russia, I study at school in 6th grade with the help of your alphabet. I used to think that the Braille alphabet had been invented over a long time by many men of science till my mother told me about you.
You appeared to invent your method when you were 15! I will always remember my first impression when I got to know that news … I am 13 now, and that means that at my age you had already been thinking about the alphabet!
You know, Louis, what I compare your alphabet with? With electricity! When you lived, there was no electricity. But now it’s warm without coal and wood at home. You put a plug into a socket and it turns on the radio, TV, computer, you can cook. Everything starts to live! But for me everything has brightened up since I got to know the Braille alphabet. I touch the pages of a book with my fingers, run through lines and information like electricity flows into me. I’m plugged to life!
There are 9 students in our class: 5 boys and 4 girls. We are friends, we have parties, send postcards to each other and write notes in Braille.  I became familiar with our school very quickly. This is simple: you walk along a corridor and there are signs at doors. You touch them with your hand and understand which class is it.
It’s my birthday soon and I prepared quizzes for my friends. I wrote tasks on paper. I tried my best to make them as exciting as possible. Guys will be choosing tasks, reading and demonstrate what is asked. I’ll tell you confidentially about some of tasks – to sing a song about spring, to name 10 things started with letter "O" (this is the first letter of my name) and many others. I’ve got prizes for everyone, I like to make people happy.
Louis, your alphabet spread all over the world. I study English. I would like to tell you about one of my achievements in learning English. Last year when I was at 5th grade me and many students from our school were doing interesting work. Elder partially sighted fellows made a cartoon. It was about a young teacher who was afraid of entering a class. So he put a crocodile mask on for courage. Students from our class were entrusted to do a voice over.  I was chosen for this and learned the text by heart. Me and my teacher were trying different tones of voice and then recorded it at a sound studio. Now when I "watch" cartoons on TV I always pay attention to the voiceover. It’s not that easy. Our cartoon won the Grand Prix and 3 guys went to Moscow to receive a prize.
I wonder, Louis, which subjects did you like best at school? I prefer Russian and literature. Every year in January Louis Braille’s birthday (your birthday) is celebrated in our school and all the students and teachers reading techniques are checked. My result is 70 words per minute. It’s the second best result in our class. The first one was a girl, Victoria, her name means Victory. So she has been victorious again!
I take books for reading from the school’s library. In our city, Ekaterinburg, there is a library for the Blind. Me and my mom also go there. One can not only choose a book there. Workshops, parties, meetings with authors who write for children and other famous persons are being held there. We sing songs and narrate lyrics there. For almost three years I have been visiting the “Library night” at the library and that is very interesting!
Louis, I have a passion for astronomy and I read everything about space. Today people can take flights out of the Earth. Lots of fabulous devices are invented. I will always remember you and feel excited about your invention!
In the future I would like to visit the school for young blind people where you spent the major part of your life. I will experience a broad variety of feelings, but the main ones will be admiration and gratitude.


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