Students Group - Special Prize (awarded to elementary school and middle school students)(Japan)
“Things I Learned from Harvesting Peas”
Sixth grade at Obatake Elementary School, Yanai city, Yamaguchi
Maho Kawamura(11)

My grandma visited me on Saturday at the end of April.
Grandma said, “Maho-chan, let’s pick peas in the field.”
I went out to the field with my grandma with joy. A lot of peas were growing in the field among branches of the pea plant. 
I toughed the surface of the plant but did not find any peas. I reached up, down, and inside to probe. Then I found many peas there. I found especially many peas at the lower part of the plant. I found three peas at one location. There were lots of peas.
Grandma pulled out bamboo poles and turned the pea plant upside down. I was surprised to find many peas at the back of the plant.
After I picked one pea, I got the urge to pick more. That was the first feeling that I had ever felt.
I picked peas with my grandma and filled my small plastic bag with peas. I was very happy with the many peas that I picked. I was in the field but felt satisfied and refreshed.

After my grandma went home, I peeled the peas and observed it under a magnifying reading glass.
I thought one pod only contained about two peas before. To my surprise, one pod contained four to five peas. I was also surprised to find that each pea was longer and fuller than I had thought. I thought each pea was much smaller and flatter as the peas were inside pods.
Even when the pod felt thin, the size of peas inside was the same as other peas when I opened them. When I felt the pods, sections with peas were expanded and noticeable even when the skin of the pod was thin.
Grandma taught me that peas keep growing on plants even after picking them once.
There were flowers at the tips of peas. I remembered that cucumbers and eggplants also had flowers at the tips of edible parts as my teacher taught me. I learned that vegetables growing in fields produced edible parts after making flowers.
The pods of green peas that I saw with my teachers were large and thick. The peas were round and large like balls. I compared green peas and peas and found that the sizes were different, but the arrangement was similar.
The picture book titled Soramame-kun to Medaka no ko had a scene in which peas were neatly arranged on the bed of pod.
I felt great to learn so many things just from picking peas. That was a good learning experience.
I want to continue learning like this by touching and observing many things.
Grandma, thank you. That was such a pleasure.


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