Lyric Award (Japan)
“Lots of Memories”
First year of junior high school program at Nara Prefectural School for the Blind
Yui Tsujimoto(13)

  1. Entrance ceremony Excited and nervous
    I was very nervous at first.
    I felt happy as I made friends with more people.
    I worked hard every day to do my homework.
  2. I am getting used to the school life.
    I was happy to see that my homeroom teacher did not change.
    The slider we played in the excursion was fun. My bottom was sore, but the speed was fast and exciting.
  3. Science and social studies classes started.
    I looked forward to experiments and observation visits.
    I was happy that I became able to use staplers.
    I thought I was going to use it a lot.
  4. My first braille competition.
    I practiced every day.
    My heart was pounding, and I was nervous in the competition.
    But I am satisfied with the result.
  5. Five of us made a gymnastic formation.
    We nailed it perfectly. The best memory ever.
    The read-aloud calculation of the D class of abacus was difficult.
    But I got excited to hear that I passed the test.
  6. A graduation trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima
    I learned a lot about peace and food.
    I tried narration and announcement in the exciting cultural festival.
    I faced my future dreams.
    My future expanded.


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