Comments on Works
Free and Joyful Words
Poet Yuriko Matsumura

It is often the case that nonhandicapped persons can’t help but think that persons with disabilities are those who are weak and who must be protected. However, candidate works for Lyrics Award narrates their bright and lively living figures, giving readers courage. This time in particular, we had this impression that there were many works in which writers released own senses and faced the world.

“Lots of Memories”, the Lyrics Award winning work by Yui Tsujimoto, expresses naturally her school life, and it is attractive that the words are lively as a whole. She is quite in a joyful mood in a variety of situations as she became a junior high school student, and it freshly delivers to us her hopes and fears and the pleasures of learning. Although it is a common pleasure to open the door to a new world for anyone, if we read it knowing that the writer has visual disabilities, we again realistically feel the sense of speed of sliding ways and the touch of staplers. When melodies are added, Ms. Tsujimoto’s words will further gain a sense of energy and we believe it encourages a number of people.

In addition, we were very moved by works describing the joy of running and swimming overcoming visual disabilities and a theme telling that you can’t feel anything even if you have the five senses unless you open up your mind. Unlike abstract expressions and words that are ordered in an over-tidy manner, we feel that words based on own experiences have power.


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