WBU-NAC (Senior group) Excellent Work
Life with Braille
Tammy Frost U.S.A (52, Female)

I learned to read Braille when I was four.
I wanted to read it more and more.
Braille really opened a door.
For my future it became the core.

Braille was what I was looking for
As I read so many books of lore.
Some Braille school books were a bore.
But, some Braille pleasure reading at my heart strings tore.

It is so much fun to be without sight.
You can read a Braille book without a light.
This is great when you want to stay up late at night.
If your parents don't know, they can't get uptight.

In school, my Braille books I did adore.
My history books told of peace and of war.
My language books told me how to use either and or and neither and nor.
My health books told me what to do when my body was sore.

I used Braille to read and write my math.
I wanted to read it even in the bath.
Without Braille in my life I would have some wrath.
As I walk along reading signs, books and all things Braille along my path.

Using Braille dots and spaces,
Pictures can be made of things and faces.
Maps can be made of many places.
With these learning tools, we are off to the races.

For Braille I yearn.
Because of Braille, it's off to college I turn.
Many important things there I did learn.
Much midnight oil i did burn.

I use Braille everyday.
I use it at work and at play.
I can read Braille while sitting by the bay.
I can read it while traveling along my way.

My Braille Bible helps me, my life to lead.
Doing God's work with many good deed
And avoiding greed
Are some of its lessons I'll heed.

I love to read a Braille book.
With Braille recipes, I like to cook.
With a Braille pattern, a rug I can latch hook.
With Braille cards, I can play a game of rook.

With a Braille recipe, I can bake,
A wonderfully delicious cake
That I can take to the lake
To share with family and friends, for goodness sake.

In the morning I wake
Looking for Braille and not a fake
Everywhere with me, Braille I take.
It helps me to know what decisions to make.

With Braille, I can know the schedule for the bus and for the rail.
I can read and answer my email.
I can read the weather forecast, whether for sun or wind or hail Braille is truly, for the blind, the holy grail.

With my phone and my computer, I use a Braille display.
I use it to help me know what bills I have to pay.
I Braille my speeches so I will know what to say.
From Braille, I never will stray.

I can learn about and how to grow flowers and plants.
I can even learn how to care for infants.
I can complete forms to apply for loans and grants.
I can even go online to order some pants.

I have done crossword puzzles and word search.
I sing with my Braille hymnal at church.
I read about the birds I hear sitting on their perch I can feel pictures to identify leaves like maple and birch.

I love Braille magazine,
Many of the same ones my sighted friends have seen.
There are so many like "Better Homes and Gardens" and "Seventeen".
Magazines for religion and work and everything in between.

With Braille I can keep records and stats I can keep information on my dogs and on my cats.
I can know my favorite sports stars homers, runs and at bats I can count my calories and fats.

Braille is so dear.
It helps us keep up with our sighted peer.
Braille is the gear
That helps us get and keep jobs here.

Because we are blind, people may laugh and jeer, But if this ridicule you hear, Don't waste time shedding a tear For with Braille, we can accomplish our goals, that much is clear.

If I read in Braille,
I can never fail.
It allows me to sail.
As you see, I can even use Braille to tell my tale.

In Braille, I believe.
What a wonderful thing did Louis conceive.
This was a precious gift for us to receive, Illiteracy of the blind to relieve.

Braille gives us a hand up a steep slope,,.
No longer in darkness do we need to grope.
Braille gives us the ability to learn and cope.
It gives us a chance for happiness and hope.

Braille is our solid ground.
I hope, in the future, Braille books abound.
I pray that access to them, for all is found.
Braille will help one and all, no matter  where they're bound.

Braille is the seed,
That meets every blind person's need,
No matter your color or creed,
It is Braille that has given you wings to be freed.

Braille allows us to climb to new height We can work and play and have a future bright.
Work hard toward your goals, with all your might.
Louis's creation will help you do it right.

Braille has been around for many a year, It will be around for many more, have no fear.
May people from far and near
Join together to give Braille a big cheer



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